While sitting in her kitchen, Alexis, the owner of Sew Sweet Monogramming and founder of Sew Sweet Academy began looking over a newly finished project fresh off of the embroidery machine. Seeing the few imperfections she told her Facebook Live audience on It's Sew Sweet To Learn, "Well guys It doesn't have to be Perfect but it has to be PRETTY!". This sparked an idea and a catchy phrase that allows everyone to embrace their mistakes in creativity. Whether its walking through the airport or sparking up a conversation with someone about design this phrase always catches the eye. The next time you look at something that's a little off centered or twisted in the most random area just remind yourself that its still pretty.

After realizing that embroidery was more than just a hobby, but a skill that could provide me with a reliable, stable form of income…

I decided to fine-tuned my skills, brushed-up my business knowledge and crafted my way to the top of my game, building an extremely successful business from the comfort of my own home along the way.  


And honestly, I’ve never looked back! 


I wake up every morning happy, energized, and raring to go, because I get to spend my days doing what I love the most...

I have helped tons of embroiders go from hobbyist to business owners while mastering techniques and taking the frustration out of embroidery just as I did for myself.


If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Sincerely, Alexis, Founder and owner of Sew Sweet Academy and My Pretty Perfect Planner.


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Helpful and easy to learn from!

I can't wait for Sunday to come so I can watch Sew Sweet Sunday Live on Facebook. All of your projects are practical and make it easy for me to recreate at home at my own machine. Thank you for pushing me to try new things and finding shortcuts to create beautiful embroidery for my customers and grand kids. I was able to start making a few extra dollars with the projects I put on my page to sell.

Susan F.


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Group Benefits Include:
  • Support to discuss obstacles and ideas.

  • Webinars with step by step guides

  • Weekly lives with team conversations to facilitate hands on learning.

  • Private Facebook group of peers to share ideas in a safe judgement free environment.

  • Access to Live pop up trainings.

  • PDF forms and more...