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Sew Sweet Academy

A Community Designed Just for YOU!


If your machine is collecting dust in a corner and your blanks are still blank, then the Sew Sweet Academy community is for you!

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Do you LOVE Embroidering but are struggling to "Stitch Together" everything you need to get started?

What is the Sew Sweet Academy?

The Sew Sweet Academy is a self-paced course and membership that guides you step by step as you learn everything you need to start embroidery, master it, and turn it into a successful business.

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We all excitedly bring our new machines home, ready to start creating, but once we sit, we realize we have NO CLUE of where to start! 


Dozens of questions run through our minds:

  • How do I thread the machine?

  • How do I import, resize, and edit embroidery files?

  • WAIT… What format did you say an embroidery file needs to be in?

  • Why are there so many stabilizers, and which ones do I need?

And the rest of the questions you don't even realize you have until you’re halfway through a design!

Skip the world of the unknown & join an uplifting membership community where all your questions are answered, and you’ll learn the ins & outs of embroidering like a PRO


PLUS how you can make money from it!

"I have been in awe with Alexis' embroidery mentorship program. She's amazing, I look forward to Tuesday!! She leads you step by step to success. I'm looking forward to seeing where her program takes my embroidery goals. Thanks Alexis!"   


I'm ready to join!

Your Membership Includes:

In addition to the self paced course...

Access to Monthly Tutorials

Covering a wide range of topics and techniques, you need to embroider like an expert.

Exclusive Printables and Downloads

Gain access to all the printable downloads and templates you desire designed to help you learn and STAY organized.

Challenges and Sew-Alongs

It’s not just about learning; you have fun at the Sew Sweet Academy with exciting challenges and collaborative sew-alongs.

Exclusive Facebook Community

An encouraging and inspirational Private Facebook Community is waiting for you. Our community is the BEST!

Tutorials Are Shown On The Brother Single Needle PE800 And Multi Needle PR655 & PR680W.

If You Have A Brother Machine, This Is The Perfect Academy For You. These general concepts will still be extremely valuable if you have another machine

"You make embroidery look so easy! To me, it is a lot better than most methods of finding placement. Thanks for giving me hope!"  


Imagine being able to:

  • Make UNIQUE items for your family and yourself, so you can stop paying for the same duplicated things everyone gets from the store.


  • Start your own clothing line so you can share your inspirational (or hilarious) messages with the world?!

  • Learn how to use a new machine so that you can make larger designs and finish projects in half the time.


  • Learn the secrets to perfect placement of your design every single time, saving you hours of frustration and seam ripping!

  • Getting paid to be creative and love your job!

Here's the thing...

You can spend dozens of hours on YouTube struggling to sort all of this out, wasting endless hours feeling frustrated…OR you can sign up for the Sew Sweet Academy.

I truly believe it is the ULTIMATE community for ambitious embroideres like you!


I’m Alexis Galloway, creator of My Pretty Perfect Planner, Sew Sweet Academy, and the Sew Sweet Inner Circle. I will be your instructor and supporter every step of the way. I was a beginner once too, so I can assure you that I know how you feel!


I remember when I got my first machine as if it were yesterday… I was super excited, then immediately confused and overwhelmed. I struggled with placement, where to purchase files and how to fix my constant mistakes. I never gave up and eventually figured it all out. Now, I have a wildly successful business doing what I love, and I will show you how! 


I created the academy to walk you through the steps of becoming best friends with your embroidery machine and teach embroiderers just like you how to become the best you can be without the hassle of having to figure it out on your own.


Yes, technical skills are helpful, but your creative mindset, one of the Academy's main focuses, will take you the furthest in your embroidery journey. 


It doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be PRETTY!

I'll see you at the Academy!

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There's no better time to get started.

Think about where you could be in one year from now if you start working towards your embroidery goals today!

I'm ready to start!

"It doesn't have to be perfect, but it has to be PRETTY!"

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