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Sew Sweet Academy

It's time to grow your embroidery skills and confidence, and start making money doing what you love! 

Do You Love Embroidering But Are Constantly Struggling To "Stitch Together" All The Things You Need To Master Your Machine And Maybe Even Start Making Money From Your Creations?

I totally get it!

I remember when I got my first machine as if it was yesterday…

I was super excited but then I got confused and overwhelmed and struggled with placement, where to purchase files and how to fix my constant mistakes. But eventually, I figured it all out and built a wildly successful business doing what I love.

Now I teach embroiderers just like you to become the best you can be without the hassle of having to figure it out on your own.

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A membership community built to support and teach you along your embroidery journey!

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Imagine being able to:


  • Make this your full-time job so that you don’t have to feel so guilty about buying supplies without getting anything in return


  • Getting better at stitch outs so that you can finally sell your designs for top dollar like everyone else on Etsy’s Top Seller list


  • Make items for your kids, grandkids, and self so that you can stop paying for the same boring things everyone gets from Walmart


  • Start your own fashion line so that you can finally get your inspirational message out to the world!

  • Get a new machine so that you can make larger designs and finish projects in half the time


  • Get better about placement so that you can stop finishing your logo orders only to find that it is crooked and completely too low on the polo.

You will learn all of this and so much more
inside the Sew Sweet Academy!

Tutorials Are Shown On The Brother Single Needle PE800 And Multi Needle PR655.
If You Have A Brother Machine Then This Is The Perfect Academy For You. If you have another machine, the general concepts will still be extremely valuable.

"Beautiful things come together one stitch at a time"

When you first bought your embroidery machine, you most likely excitedly brought it home with the dreams of everything you could create running through your head 

and then...

Once the machine is sitting in the spot you prepared for it and turn it on, a whole new world of things you need to learn opens up! To get from here to a perfect applique or design, there's an entire, often overwhelming path of things you need to learn, such as: 

  • how do I thread the machine?

  • how do I import, resize, and edit embroidery files?

  • WAIT, what format did you say an embroidery file needs to be in?

  • why are there so many stabilizers and which ones do I need?

  • how do I embroider on hats, or sleeves?

  • why is my bobbin thread showing on the top of my design?

  • why do my needles keep breaking?

  • how do I center my design?

  • how can I turn this into a business?

  • and all of the other questions that you may not even realize you have until you are part way through a design!

You will find all of these answers in the Academy!


Here’s the thing, you can spend dozens of hours on YouTube struggling to sort all of this out and waste endless time feeling frustrated…or you can join the best community for Embroiderers where you’ll accelerate your growth more than you’ve ever had before.

Just look at what our students have to say!

Melissa W.

Last week's Academy meeting, we talked about believing in you and your product. Our members encouraged me to know my worth...I am so thankful for their input and excitement to share.

K. Danielle

Last night we went over our goals... I left the meeting feeling so motivated and ready to take on the world. I never thought when I joined I would learn so much in the few months I've been a member. I created things I never thought I could. Sign up and come join the cool kids!

Zaranda C. 

OMG tonight's training was awesome! Who knew you could stitch on the sleeve of a sweatshirt with a PE 800? I thought I would need a multi needle and a bigger hoop...

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A Peek Inside the Academy

2022 is bringing good things your way, including a new and improved Academy experience! Here's what your membership includes:

"First Stitches" Box Sent To Your Door

I have put together a box that contains everything you need to get started (except the machine)! Thread, needles, my digital planner, stabilizer samples, and more will help you jump in with confidence!

Printables and Downloads

  • Full access to printable downloads and templates to help you learn and get organized.

  • How to find your target market.

  • How to write a simple business plan.


Live Webinars

Join us for weekly Tuesday evening webinars on topics such as

  • Product pricing

  • Applique techniques 

  • Stabilizer

  • Blanks

  • Content creation

  • And much more!


Groups for Sharing

  • Weekly group coaching calls via zoom conferencing.

  • Private Facebook community 

  • Feedback on embroidery projects

  • Encouragement and inspiration to try new things. Our community is the BEST!

Step by step Instructional Videos.

  • Modules to teach you everything about embroidery from start to finish

  • How to package and ship your creations from home

  • Etsy shop setup walkthrough

  • Time saving tricks and techniques

  • And much more!

Group Coaching Sessions

Annual Membership with Payment Plans Available

your satisfaction in the Academy is my guarantee!

My goal is to make it as simple as possible for you to get comfortable with your machine, and even start earning money doing what you love! 
The Academy will save you hours of frustration and launch you into a lifelong love of embroidery!


I'm Alexis!

creator of the My Pretty Perfect Planner, and the Sew Sweet Academy. I will be your instructor and supporter every step of the way! I created the academy to walk you through the steps of becoming best friends with your embroidery machine. I believe that technical skills are helpful, but what will take you the furthest in your embroidery journey is your creative mindset, which the Academy is built to focus on. It doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be PRETTY!

I'll see you in the Academy!


What are you waiting for?





Join the Sew Sweet Academy Today!

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