My Pretty Perfect Planner

Start every project off with the ease. With the "My Pretty Perfect Planner" you can keep track of every aspect of your embroidery projects. 

Finally a planner specifically for embroidery...created by yours truly!

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My Pretty Perfect Planner

Saves Me Time and Money

Downloaded my copy this past weekend and started making notes while practicing for my first PAID project!

Michelle A.

Every successful embroidery project starts with a plan.
Embroiders, hobbyist, and small business entrepreneurs, this planner is for you.



I created this with you in mind. As a creative myself,       

I found that staying organized is a must.


What’s can now:

  • Document projects

  • Plan & sketch details

  • Set goals

  • Track monthly profit/loss

  • Track annual profit/losses

  • Inventory tracking

  • Lined notes

  • Check lists and more...

My Pretty Perfect Planner

Finally a helpful tool created specifically for embroiders...

A way to record all the essential parts of your projects.

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