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Post Your Business Social Pages EVERYWHERE!!!

Quick Tip

Set up your business social media pages on all the platform you'd like and then post them EVERYWHERE!

I literally just watched, via notifications, someone finding my content online, liking my products on Etsy, then moments later they subscribing to my YouTube channel, visiting my website, liking my Facebook business page, and finally leaving a comment under one of my posts! This all happened in a matter of moments!!

How do I know this? Because I have links and back-links set up everywhere. I also use what's called "call to actions". It clearly tells people what to do when they are on my page ie. “Like my page”, “subscribe to my channel”, “visit my website”, “shop my selection”...those are all calls to action and they work! You can get really creative on your website and make fun buttons and designs to make it more engaging!

I have a feeling I’ll be seeing a request for the It’s Sew Sweet To Learn group next, then eventually they will join us here in the academy all because I when she visited my business on social media I told her exactly what to do and had the links set up to allow her to go exactly where she wanted to.

Are you telling your potential customers what to do? Are you asking for the sale or do you feel like that would be to much to do or maybe don't know how?

Try it. Post something you’ve made and tell people to: buy it, share your page, and like it and finally, tell people to share your work!

It’s that simple I promise. Just try it, it’s not as scary as you think!

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